Poetry is uniquely human. Poems are as unique as the people writing them.

With the Poem Genome Project, we want to decode this diversity, so that we can better explore it and make poetry more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We examine a work’s deep structure, across scores of dimensions to codify its elements. This is a human approach to a human art form, all for one goal:

Connect people with the poems that mean the most to them.

"On Hearing Another Sermon About Lot's Wife"

...and do it anyway; think of things
I didn’t have, but wanted:     → Motivation = Reflection
a powerful telescope
to glimpse whole planets
their lopsided rings of dust and ice,

to see two adults kiss in secret,     → Wide, rapid leaps
a goat to wander our farm
eating the furry Bahia grass,
black stamens parting
in its mouth.

I wished for the love of a girl
who sat by a fire
and practiced her poses on a Persian rug.
silhouette recumbent, feet en pointe
  → Elaborate alliteration

Building the poetry genome is tough business.

Over the coming months, we'll need the help of dedicated researchers to help tag and define poetry genomes. You could be on the forefront of building a data-set that could one day define how Artificial Intelligences perceive human communication, and how people perceive poetry.

If you're interested in helping our mission, want to give feedback, or just want to touch base, contact us here.