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Your poems matter. Join the movement.

Your poems, front-and-center

With Trubadour, we envision a space where poets create their own audience – like social media, but designed for, built on, and driven by rich, vibrant contemporary poems.

Then we blend human and algorithmic curation to connect readers with writing they'll love. The best part for poets? We want to pay writers for their work.

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Community + Curation

There is an abundance of online platforms for poetry out there, but they're not working for serious poets; they're not surfacing, or incentivizing, our best work. The best poems continue to be scattered across the spectrum of journals and paywalls, trapped in closed cycles with limited readership. We're reimagining the poetry platform to combine the openness of online publishing and the quality standards of print.

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Our focus

Without supporting the people who love poetry, the art suffers.

Poets deserve a centralized, quality home for their poems that doesn't sacrifice credibility.

Great curation and accessibility are key to growing the poetry audience.

Poetry is about the language. Everything else can get out of the way.

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Where we are

We're in the middle of the most exciting part – developing our platform, reaching out to established and emerging poets interested in what we're doing, and following up with them to see how we can serve them the best. Every day, we're talking to poets or readers to discover how we can make Trubadour work for them, and for the rest of us.

Our mission is to capture and return the value of poetry to the people who create it, and Trubadour is our first bold step forward.

In the submit-and-sell world of poetry today, there's a lot we're missing out on. But in a share-and-connect world, incredible poems are the focus – not "submitting" or internal politics. We think there's a brighter future for poetry around the art itself, personalized, in a connected, worldwide community.

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