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Great poems, picked just for you, straight to your inbox.

Find new poems, just for you, right in your inbox.

It shouldn't be this hard to find great poetry.

When I want new songs, I go to iTunes.

When I want to watch a movie, I go to Netflix.

When I want a novel ... well, I know there's Amazon.

But I love poetry.

And the harder I looked, the more I realized that there still isn't a place to go, to find the perfect poems -- the ones that you'll fall in love with. The ones that you'll keep coming back to. The ones whose pages are marked with fingerprints and bookmarks from reading over and over again. The ones that stick in your mind for days.

So I'm building PoetryMe. It's a weekly or biweekly email of poems both curated by poets (including myself), and some unique, personalized poems that we think you'll love, based on what you've already read and liked.

Get the email in the morning or for the evening, every week or two, and see if we can help you find your favorite new poems.

If everyone can fall in love with their perfect song or their number-one movie or their favorite novel, I don't see why everyone can't also have their perfect poems, and their favorite poets. The way I see it, it's our job to find it, for everyone.

And this is how I'm starting out. I hope you'll join me.

- Rebecca